Travel Benefits

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Friday, 5 July 2019

Travel Benefits

Travel Benefits


The great development of life has contributed to the fact that travel is essential and a common pattern in the lives of many people, depending on their needs in different areas of life, including: treatment, recreation, work, etc., where man has toured different areas and cities of the world, This travel is internally within the same country in which the person lives, so that the transition from one city or province to another, or may be beyond the borders of the state so that the transition from one state to another, in this article we will know the benefits of travel.

The concept of travel

Travel is defined as the transfer of man from one place to another for a certain purpose,
Such as travel to study or recreation and recreation, for example. Travel is an important humanitarian activity that man has practiced since he was found on earth and to the present.

Travel Benefits

 Travel achieves many benefits that many people do not know, and these benefits include:

- gives the person a state of relaxation and enjoy the distance from the bushes and pressures and routine life; where watching the beautiful natural places change the human condition and the purity of his mind.

- The human courage necessary for adventure, as it extracts the creativity within it, which positively affects his personality.

- enriches human knowledge and increases its knowledge of many new cultures.

- Learn new human skills, by mixing with many people from different cultures; which opens the opportunity for him to learn and exchange skills and experiences in various fields.

- Creating new interests for the human being, when human knowledge of the cultures of other peoples may care for her and follow his passion and love to know more about them looking for them and their origins, and may end up studying or looking for these cultures.

- Man's talent and discover the best of it; because of man's distance from the environment governed by certain customs and traditions, which opens the field of experimenting with new things, as well as human knowledge of cultures different from the original culture, which increases the opportunities to discover his talents.

-Racism comes mostly as a result of a deep ignorance of the ideas and cultures of other peoples. Travel comes as an opportunity to break this barrier between man and these cultures, giving him the opportunity to understand their nature and then deal with it with all grace and tolerance without overriding the provisions. Prehistoric.
"Travel kills bias, blind fanaticism and narrow-mindedness, and for those considerations, many of those we know need it badly," says American author Mark Twain.

- A person learns through travel new languages, one of the most important benefits that can be obtained from travel, as the knowledge of a new language other than the mother tongue means a new knowledge of cultures and books and other sciences can only be known in the new language.

- Increase the flexibility of the human in dealing with others, and the laws of countries, customs and traditions of other cultures not previously recognized, giving him the ability to adapt to all these variables.

- Enhances the independence of the human being. It gives him an opportunity to rely on himself and make decisions and solve his problems away from any other effects, and increases the ability of man to deal with the challenges in his way, which earns an experience does not gain any other opportunity.

- Increases the confidence of the person himself, as he knows his personality and the truth itself.

- Give the man time to review himself and repair defects.

- Travel is described as a psychiatric treatment for many psychological diseases such as depression. Some companies give their employees opportunities to travel, and cost the full cost to renew their activity and keep them away from the atmosphere of boredom and burning career.

- Increase the level of human happiness, where the impact of travel and happiness in the pre-travel during the preparations - where the man is excited and happy to think about when he will spend in a new place and within new cultures - and in the stage of travel and beyond.

- An increase in human concentration and improve performance. A study in the Journal of Environmental Psychology shows that the concentration and performance of individuals improves if they see a landscape for only 40 seconds.

Travel lifestyle

 It is wrong to think that travel is nothing but fatigue and a waste of time and money, as many people have known the truth of travel and their importance and they firmly pack their belongings at every opportunity available to them, where modern technology facilitated travel especially with the many companies that organize trips to many places deserve Travel

A person must set his goal of traveling before he packs his luggage to achieve the greatest benefit of his journey. He must also act with wisdom and balance in dealing with others and the new laws, as he is the ambassador of his country and his culture wherever he visits. Nerves and calmness to the multitude of problems that human can face. The person should not forget to think about the economic aspect while traveling, so that he will not be distracted or distracted. He balances between them to find comfort and comfort. Travel represents a clear picture of the life that man has to live in, in accordance with his principles and values.

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