How do you wash your hair properly?

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Sunday, 21 July 2019

How do you wash your hair properly?

How do you wash your hair properly

You may be used to washing your hair regularly - but did you ever ask yourself if you washed it properly? Let's give you a comprehensive guide to washing your hair properly, including the use of clean soaps and even how to handle your hair wet.

1. Reverse the steps of washing your hair

Cleanse the conditioner (a balm that cleans the hair and soften the hair) is one of the most important modern ways, try it 
and if you like the idea, reverse the steps of washing your usual hair. Apply your hair moisturizer with a conditioner - try Dove's Daily Nutrition Solution - then use Dove Shampoo for daily nutrition and care - some women feel that it strengthens their hair density

2-step more and more important

Whether you want to have soft hair or control your hair wrinkles, adding pre-hair care may improve your hair condition. Put on your hair a large amount of oil and leave it for up to 30 minutes before washing to give your hair nutrition needed and get the hair shiny and attractive.

3 - Make sure to moisturize your hair from the roots and even the limbs

The addition of apple cider vinegar to the latest rinse is the best advice because of its great cosmetic benefits. It is known that acid maintains the balance of natural pH in hair and gives it gloss, but that does not necessarily mean you have to use the vinegar in your kitchen with every wash. This provides you with acidity so that you can reap those benefits without having to experience the unpleasant smell of vinegar.

4. Handle with your hair gently

If you are one of those who prefer combing their hair with the use of conditioner in the shower, gently comb your hair. Wet hair combing may damage the hair and cause the limbs to flatten, so always use a wide tooth comb after placing the conditioner on the middle part of the hair and limbs.

5. Save your time

You may be used to hearing the usual course of washing hair (shampoo, wash hair and then repeat it), but this is not necessary when washing hair on a daily basis, ignoring the repetition step completely if you use some products and wash your hair every day.

6. Use products that suit your hair

Do you wonder what is the secret of washing the hair properly?
The answer is to choose the products that best suit your hair type. In this way you give your hair what it needs to keep its softness, touch and beauty whatever you wear it.

How Does Dove Shampoo Treat Hair Damage?

Dove's products work to solve the problem of hair damage, and the basis of the problem lies in hair loss of internal proteins, which led to more attention to the heart of hair follicles more than the surface of hair

There is a modern technology discovered by the company Dove where this technology to penetrate the entire hair follicles and give them full nutrition from the inside, in addition to that it creates a strong cover to nourish and protect the hair from falling or damage, which makes hair follicles return to normal growth and pump proteins and treatment Hair loss.

Causes of hair damage

Causes of hair damage have many factors and are not limited to only one or two, but we will talk now about the most important of these reasons, which we must all avoid so that we can overcome or avoid hair damage:

1. Sunlight
Prolonged exposure to the sun for prolonged periods displays hair follicles for burning and shampoo. To avoid this damage, it is advisable to wear a hat to cover hair. For skin, it is advisable to use sunscreen creams such as SVR Ultra Max and Neutrogena ultra thin dry.

2. Proper methods of hair care
Many people, especially females, when they finish bathing they wear the bathrobe on their hair and believe that this habit will dry the hair, but it turned out to be one of the most dangerous habits performed by females, which may lead to the bombing of hair and hardening, especially from the head, To early baldness and hair loss from the head.

3. Overuse of hair dye
Hair dyes are essential for the beauty of our appearance and the appearance of our hair. Yes, no one can deny this, but when using hair dyes, we need to focus carefully on what type of dye we will use and what ingredients we should use.

4. Use of flanges
It is forbidden to use hair follicles after bathing directly, and although it is usually done by many females to lead to hair damage severely and burning hair follicles, so it is advised not to overuse the hair dryer or hair extensions.

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