What are the benefits of reading

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Monday, 17 June 2019

 What are the benefits of reading

What are the benefits of reading

an introduction

 The reading is the building blocks of the civilizations, and the link between the multiple cultures, so you find the reader always open-minded and has his own worlds between his books, if what you read daily is limited to what is published on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, you lost a lot of yourself Of pleasure and interest that you only feel when reading different books. Here are some of the benefits of reading daily and continuing in different areas, which should be a motivation for you to continue reading, or start it if you are not always reading.

Stimulate the mind

 The mind is like any other muscle in the body. It needs continuous care and constant exercise, and the exercise of the mind is through constant reading in the various fields. Those who read consistently have a lower risk of developing Alzheimer's disease or dementia when growing up compared to those who do not usually have reading. It is important to note that any activities that keep the mind stimulating and active can give the same effect. These activities include playing chess and solving puzzles, so it is very important that you care about developing your mind and keeping it in constant activity. To keep it and to avoid Mental illnesses in the future.

Reduce stress

 There is no doubt that life is sometimes full of stress, whether it is work, personal relationships or any other cause that can lead to tension. Many people are looking for ways to get rid of stress. Reading stories and novels takes you to other worlds and makes you forget what you are in, especially if the novel is interesting and well-loved. In this way you can ease your stress a lot and give your mind and mind a chance to relax. Proper reasoning solutions And completion of the work, and so reading is a significant impact in reducing tension.


The mind needs food, and the food of the mind is good reading. Every piece of information you read is automatically stored in your mind, and you may need it one day. You can then develop your knowledge and culture by choosing the appropriate books that open your horizons and increase your knowledge and culture. Ask and consult with those who have experience reading about useful books that develop thought and stimulate the mind, remember that you can lose your job or your relationship to others, or even your health, but you can never lose your knowledge and knowledge as long as you are always connected to books and libraries.

Linguistic expansion

The more you read, the more you understand your language. Reading opens up an opportunity for people to learn a lot of terminology and language combinations, both in Arabic and in different sciences such as psychology, medicine and other fields. Part of the words you use daily
Without even knowing you, which will give a real impression of your culture and your class, which are considered to be the most important jobs. It enables you to talk to managers and dignitaries in an accurate and respectful manner. This increases your chances of accepting many jobs whether you are uneducated and not educated. Linguistics is suspended at a particular stage, so reading helps you gather a large amount of vocabulary that reflects your culture and your relationship.

Improve memory

 When you read a certain story, you will have to save the characters' names, their cultural backgrounds, and their role in the story or novel. This is an important exercise for your memory. People who read certain novels often list what they have read to a close friend. And development, reading is one of the activities that keep the memory stimulating and active even without you feel so.

Development of thinking skills

 Especially when it comes to detective novels that need to think constantly and to find logical and creative solutions or intellectual books that are unusual and urging creative thinking, these things all stimulate the analysis and realization of the mind and thus the development of thinking skills,

Novels also play an important role in improving thinking skills. They stimulate the tracking of the plot and develop multiple options to predict what can happen later in the novel. It is good to give your mind an opportunity to critique the book. Which you read and determine whether the novel, for example, is well knitted or not and what are the weaknesses in it, so reading helps you to think in a creative analytical way out of the ordinary, but of course not all readers can do so, pay attention to these things to be a reader and distinctive.

Improve writing skills

There is no doubt that you know that behind every great writer is an enormous amount of books he has read. Reading alone can develop creative writing skills. Reading also develops the culture you need in your writing. Reading combines everything you need to improve your writing skills. Writing or you have a seed of creative writing, so be sure to develop that skill by continuing reading and diverse in all areas.

Peace of mind

 A good book is a reason to feel happy, relaxed, and peace of mind. You can travel to different worlds, learn new things, laugh, cry or feel mixed. Moreover, the subject of the book itself may be a reason for doubling that happiness. These books help to reduce blood pressure and release hormones that are beneficial for the health of the body. Development books help alleviate the suffering and problems of people and provide them with the support and assistance they need, thus leading to relaxation and peace of mind.


Reading novels or magazines is often a source of self-recreation and relaxation, so some people read in their free time as a kind of entertainment. It should be noted here that the novel or book will not be a source of entertainment unless it suits your taste and tastes. There are different types of books and different subjects to suit the tastes of all people. There are literary books such as stories and novels of various kinds. There are poetry books, there are books of pure science, self development books, religious books, biography books, and other topics that attract the attention of different people. Darkhm and imaginations.


 The best friend in this time book will be a friend, a companion in your life, and helps you fully expand your perception through which you can overcome all the difficulties that may face you in your life.

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