Ways to organize time

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Friday, 7 June 2019

Ways to organize time

Ways to organize time

Ways to organize time

 There are many things you can do to organize your time:

- Track daily activities:

 It is done by tracking the daily business, evaluating the time taken to complete the work, as well as tracking the daily life such as breakfast, house cleaning, and bathing.

- Record all activities on a note:

This should be done by calculating the time of all the work that is done and recorded in the notebook and put it in a specific place to make it easier to see it and see it daily. The information should be comprehensive and clear when written on the notebook so that the separate events do not enter into them. This is to identify places where time may be wasted and not properly exploited.

- Evaluate how to spend time:

 Be aware of how much time it takes a person to do every activity during his day, such as surfing the web or eating, and observing how to spend time to identify unnecessary activities.

- Make continuous adjustments to the daily schedule:

It is by identifying the actions and activities that should not be left and reduces the time of interest only because they are time-consuming.

- Changing time management habits:

By using alternative solutions and making the effort to change habits that limit time management by knowing where time is wasted and how to maintain it. If a person spends a large part of his day surfing the Internet aimlessly, he can browse useful sites that help to take advantage of his time, If he spends a lot of time cleaning the house or cooking food, he can hire people to help, such as a maid or a cook.

General tips for time management

There are many tips that you prefer to follow to manage time, including the following:

- Set time management goals.
- Use time management tools.
- Give priority to important work.
- Adherence to routine procedures that have been established in time management.
- Do not waste time waiting.

Tips for students to manage time

Time management for students is important in school life, and advice to help them:

- Stay away from distractions and wasted time by finishing the task before moving to another task with attention to detail, such as closing unnecessary windows on the computer, and make the phone in silent mode.

- Record businesses that need to be accomplished in task lists; they are the most effective way to stay on track and can reward self for a job that has been successfully performed.

- Identify priorities and start the most important task of time before other tasks.

- Avoid procrastination, which prevents the work that can be achieved by postponing it to another time.

- Exploiting wasted time and taking advantage of it by reading e-books during rest times, or during waiting times at the doctor.

- Establish a time budget by determining the time spent on household chores, family or school obligations, or work related activities.

- Define a specific time to study by drawing up a schedule and committing to it, and telling friends and family at this time. The panel (non-disturbance) can be hung on the door of the room.

How to Organize Time for Study

Organizing the time before beginning the study Preparing for the study The most important steps to be taken, and this is done through the work of a weekly schedule to organize time, determine the times of study, rest times, and sleep times, and to devote a certain time for review, Commitment to the schedule and what has been achieved and studied.

- Avoid delaying the study

The postponement of study is one of the most important reasons that lead to loss of time, in addition to the serious consequences of narrowing the number of hours of study and feeling tired and tense, so be careful not to postpone the time of study on the grounds that there is a lot of time to study, circumstances may change and occur an emergency and no longer There is enough time to complete the necessary study.

- Setting goals

Goals must be set and priorities set. What needs to be done is important to ensure that students are not distracted by things that are not important.

-the focus

 Stay away from jammers and amateurs that waste time from a mobile phone or television, and pay attention to the time allotted to accomplish a particular goal.

- Skills of completion of the study

 The skills of completion of the study are meant to link information that may be difficult to remember, such as: replacing the process of memorizing the many information with reading the information, then drawing it on a white paper and linking the images with the information. However, if the information to be memorized is theoretical, it is possible to write some keywords that help To remember and study less time.

- Determine the time of rest

 For example, the student should devote time to rest every hour, for example, moving the muscles of the hands and eyes, or drinking something light, taking care to set the time of rest and avoid making it open so as not to waste more Time, eat or snacks during the study to provide the body with the necessary hydration to focus, and drink water constantly.

- The right time

The best time to study, where most of them sit and study from the dawn until sunset, and this is not the right way, where it is preferred to be the study from 6 am in the morning until 12 noon, and then take a rest, and resume the study from 4 pm to 6 pm .

- Arranging the place of study

The cleanliness of the environment surrounding the student should not be neglected during the course of the study. The office, mattresses, papers and pens should be arranged with the papers of the material that should be memorized only to the student to help him focus and avoid wasting time with other non-important papers.

- Take a sleep

It is very important to sleep during the night so that the body is active in the morning and the mind is clear and ready for study, especially before the exam, while keeping away from sleep for long periods of study, so as not to lose concentration and forget what has been studied.

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