How to regulate sleep time

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Friday, 14 June 2019

How to regulate sleep time

How to regulate sleep time


The night is a comfort for people and a comfort for their bodies tired of working all day, which is one of the necessary requirements for the comfort and health of the body, in order to regain vitality and vitality and be full strength the next day, and who does not get enough sleep at night remains throughout the day tired tired not able to do something .

As he can not master his work to the fullest, so you should choose the right time to sleep and wake up, because sleep too much back the body to laziness, humor and lack of work
Sleep is the basis of this life, and without it we can not do anything, so we will remember here the best time to sleep and wake up.

The best time to sleep

 There are a lot of British studies that have determined that the best time to sleep is at ten and thirty-seven minutes, to enjoy the sleep calm and comfortable, and said that the hours of sleep in the coldest months of the cold forty minutes of warm months, and interpreted the study that the cold makes the person fluctuates a lot A recent study said fifty-five percent of people around the world have sleep disorders. To reduce sleep disorders, a person can use cotton clothes, pillows made of feathers, and check room temperature, she said. Lighting, all these factors have a significant impact on the depth of sleep.

Sleep cycle

The sleep cycle is the stages during which the body goes through sleep. Each stage is about ninety minutes of sleep. Its onset and end are a light sleep, and waking up at the beginning and end of each stage is easy, where the person wakes up active and energetic, Sleep makes the person lazy and tired, can not hear the sound of the alarm clock, so it is necessary to know the appropriate time to wake up, which is at the beginning or end of the stage of sleep.

Organizing bedtime

 Each person has a particular sleep system, but sometimes for certain circumstances, such as running a shift or traveling to different time zones, this system may be malfunctioned. There are some ways to regulate sleep time, some of which can be described as follows:

Follow a specific sleep routine:

It is recommended to follow a specific sleep routine, such as: go to bed at the same time every night and do the same things before sleeping every day; the body is ready to sleep automatically, and it is possible to do a job that helps to relax before sleeping such as showering with warm water or listening to quiet music .


Exercise can help build muscle and burn fat. Sleep may also improve. People who exercise for at least 150 minutes a week sleep better at night and are more alert during the day. Tough exercise late in the day can hinder sleep, preferring to postpone such types of sport to morning or afternoon, and exercises may be practiced before sleep.

Attention to eating foods in terms of quality and timing:

Just as sleeping has a certain system, the body members have their own hour that responds to them, so a late night meal can disrupt a sleep system. It is important to remember that the body stores fat and increases weight accordingly when eating late. To eat most of the calories needed by the body in the early days of the day, and a light dinner at night, and this system helps in improving sleep and weight alike.

Keep the snooze short during the day:

 Afternoon nap helps to give energy to the body for the rest of the day, but if the snooze is long the body may consider it the main sleep time, and therefore difficult to sleep during the night, and the duration of 20 minutes ideal for nap.

Reduce caffeine:

Drinking a cup of coffee helps you wake up and have the same effect, whether morning or night, so avoid drinking soft drinks and coffee, or avoid any caffeine drink for at least 6 hours before bedtime.

Bedroom Processing:

 Preferably prepare the bedroom so that the conditions help to sleep, such as the room is quiet and free of any inconvenience or lighting that may hinder sleep.

Sleep on a comfortable mattress and pillow:

 It is possible that the bedding used has exceeded the recommended period of use, which in the best case does not exceed 9-10 years.

 Eat healthy food:

When the body and mind are tired, the body may misunderstand fatigue and consider it as a feeling of hunger. The person should try to distinguish between the two senses to determine the real need of the body.

Adjust the temperature of the bedroom:

 The temperature of the body and the room has an impact on the quality of sleep, so it is difficult to sleep in a room with high temperature, scientists found in a study that the temperature of the room affects the sleep more than the impact of external inconvenience, and the temperature is comfortable for most people 20 degrees Celsius , But ideal heat depends on the personal preferences and habits of each individual.

How do I arrange my children's sleep to organize a child's sleep?

The following methods must be followed:
Sleep is necessary for a newborn baby, ie in the first months of 16 to 20 hours of sleep. This can not be considered easy because it varies from one child to another according to the nature of the child itself, as well as to the mother. New mothers suffer from this issue. A set of tips can be used to help regulate the number of hours of sleep for your child, including:

- Make your child busy throughout the day by playing with him, taking him to a park to play and to unload his energy.

Try to choose the realistic and appropriate time for your child's sleep. For example, if the child is active and wakes up early at 6 am, try to make him sleep at 7 or 8.

- If you notice that your child sleeps late at night try to keep him awake in the day as long as possible to avoid it.
- Try to follow with him a method that makes him sleep gradually, such as playing in the bed until tired and sleep automatically.

- If you follow a certain method in organizing your child's sleeping hours, game, food, do not retrograde in this style, as if you increase the number of hours of play. You have to create a comfortable, quiet environment for sleeping as a neat, clean bed, quiet lighting and putting his favorite game next to him.

- Try to be calm and patient, the child always needs the tenderness of his mother, tribal, and touched his hair and embrace.

- Try not to close the door of your room or child room to remain a poet of safety and that he can find you and go to you at any time.

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