How do I care about my teeth

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Tuesday, 11 June 2019

How do I care about my teeth?
How do I care about my teeth?

the teeth

 Teeth are small parts, in the form of semi-bone structures, and are found in the mouth, and in addition to humans, a large number of animals, especially mammals, and teeth are very important parts, it gives the human shape and beautiful appearance, attractive smile, and has the role In the cutting and chewing of food, which facilitates the process of digestion, and also helps in pronunciation, where it helps to pronounce the letters properly, and the person is born without teeth, and begins to appear after a certain age, divided into two parts, teeth and permanent teeth, so it is necessary to pay attention to cleanliness Teeth, the longer a person is safe Nanh, fearing diseases, Alooaba,; neglecting this issue Many have either Tkasla, or fear of the dentist, or even ignorance.

Causes of dental care

- The attention to the teeth, and their cleanliness, and care for them permanently, will reflect on the health of the whole body, and mouth in general is the natural entrance to the food that man, which is crushed by the teeth, and when the teeth clean, and is taken care of continuously, Food to the body in a healthy way.

- Dental care will show well: When people speak, will immediately understand the beauty of the teeth, and whiteness, and therefore it is a component of cleanliness and beauty to anyone, the title of the person attractive.

- The attention to the teeth will help to get rid of bad breath, may not pay attention to the person smell, but people around him may be attentive, but they refrain from honesty, so as not to embarrass, and some of them and face the person the smell of foul mouth, how will be the situation in this embarrassing situation !

Ways to pay attention to teeth

 Dental care is done by several means:
- Thread:
At least once a day, it is best to use the thread before brushing, the thread removes plaque from between the teeth and on the gums.
Replace the toothbrush every 3 to 4 months or sooner if necessary.

- Eat a healthy diet, avoid sweets and sweetened beverages you are less likely to have gum disease if you eat healthy foods
- Stop smoking: Smokers suffer from problems in the teeth and gums more than non-smokers.
- Permanent care:
 A person should brush his teeth three times a day, brush his teeth with toothpaste, brush his teeth in the morning when he wakes up, then after lunch, before bed, and do not mind cleaning his teeth after eating any meal during the day.
- Brush and Toothpaste:
 It is necessary to choose a medical toothpaste, not commercially, as it is necessary to choose a medical toothbrush, not a commercial, and to change the brush every three months.
The dentist should be checked every six months periodically to check on the teeth and oral hygiene. It should also be checked whenever a person feels a toothache, so that things do not get worse.

Causes of weak teeth

With age, it is difficult to maintain permanent teeth, which is a sign of aging, but before that, the damage to the teeth reflects the neglect of cleaning, and eating hard food causes tooth weakness over the years, but it is supposed to enamel teeth to protect against this weakness , So non-preservation of tooth enamel causes erosion and then the infection of small holes that develop to decay.

The most important causes of weak teeth are the wrong nutrition that causes the loss of the body to the basic minerals and proteins that play the key role in strengthening the teeth, with no interest in cleaning teeth on a daily basis, which leads to the accumulation of layers of lime and food chains that cause erosion of the enamel layer, as well as beverages such as cola , Coffee and tea frequently cause weakness as well as smoking and problems on both gums and teeth.

Benefits of dental care

Benefits of dental care:
Preventing problems such as tooth decay and gum disease (gingivitis, bleeding of the gums, etc.)
- Good oral health saves money.
- Healthy teeth may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.
- Reduces the risk of oral cancer.

Foods strengthens teeth

Of these foods:
- the cheese.
- Milk.
- leafy vegetables.
-An apple.

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