Benefits of fresh orange juice

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Thursday, 6 June 2019

Benefits of fresh orange juice

Benefits of fresh orange juice

Benefits of fresh orange juice

- Strengthen the immune system

Orange and orange juice contain many therapeutic elements. It is one of the richest nutrients in vitamin C. One serving of orange juice gives more than 200% of the recommended amount of vitamin, which acts as a natural antioxidant in the body and destroys or unifies free radicals before To inflict any damage on the body. The body also needs vitamin C to stimulate other aspects of the immune system, and vitamin is a key component of collagen necessary to repair the cells of the body and to help the growth of new tissue cells.

- Cancer prevention

 Vitamin C acts as a natural antioxidant, and one of the most important functions of antioxidants is the prevention of cancer. Antibiotics help prevent the DNA of healthy cells from becoming cancerous, making vitamin C the first line of defense against cancer and other serious diseases. Orange juice contains an anti-oxidant Hisperidine, known to be responsible for reducing tumor growth and stimulating the death of cancer cells, and research is still underway to link orange juice with the prevention of colon cancer.

- rid the body of toxins

Orange juice also contains a high percentage of vitamin A, equivalent to 50% of the recommended daily amount of vitamin, which acts as a moderate antioxidant, and in addition to rid the body of toxins and increase the efficiency of kidney function, has been linked to vitamin A since time Long eye health, where adding enough vitamin A to the diet helps prevent night blindness or atrophy of the eye.

- Promote blood circulation

Orange juice contains folic acid or vitamin B9, which is part of the group B vitamins. This vitamin is necessary to build DNA and to grow new cells in the body, and protects the healthy cells from the occurrence of looting, which is a way of free radicals damage the body, Folic acid plays a role in the formation of red blood cells and promotes blood flow to the limbs, which means that oxygen reaches normal body organs and their functioning efficiency, which in turn supports metabolic processes and functions of the body's systems.


 Acidic fruits, including orange, are anti-inflammatory. The high levels of fat and sugars in foods expose some organs to inflammation, which in turn increases the resistance of the body to insulin, which is one of the leading causes of type 2 diabetes and atherosclerosis. Studies have shown that orange juice has the ability to prevent insulin resistance by reducing inflammation and thus maintains the cardiovascular system.

- Reduce blood pressure

 Hisperidine in lemon juice is an antioxidant that works to protect the body from diseases and cancer. It also affects the activity and performance of small blood vessels. Studies have linked this type of antioxidant to reducing general blood pressure and reducing the incidence of cardiovascular disease.

- Relieve the rates of harmful cholesterol

 Regular use of orange juice helps reduce low-density lipoprotein cholesterol levels in patients with high cholesterol, but how to do so has not yet been determined and studies are still underway.

Benefits of orange juice for children

- Children provide both vitamins and elements necessary for the growth of their bodies, and at the top of these elements vitamin C. Protects their bodies from seasonal diseases; colds; it helps and through the contents of vitamins, minerals and increase the immunity of the human body, and thus greatly increase immunity and immunity.

- Children's good habits are established. Studies have shown that children who regularly drink juices are less likely to eat unhealthy foods and are more likely to eat healthy and useful foods that help them build stronger, stronger bodies.

In some cases, children may refuse to eat certain foods because they feel saturated. Hence, fresh orange juice may be a means of providing them with the necessary food if they refuse to eat food.

- Keep the body of the child always wet; the child can eat this type of juice whenever thirst and thirst whenever needed.

Benefits of orange juice for pregnant women

 Orange juice is useful for pregnant women with the following nutrients:

1-folic acid

Women need more folic acid or vitamin B9 during pregnancy than 400 micrograms to 600 micrograms. It is one of the most important nutrients on which a healthy pregnancy depends. Orange juice can fill some of this need. One cup contains 35 micrograms of folic acid , While the fresh orange fruit contains 29 micrograms. [1] Folic acid plays an important role in preventing neural tube defects, which reduces the risk of infection by 70%, which ensures the birth of a healthy child. Spina bifida is a condition where the cord remains The child's spinal cord outside his body


Orange Juice is a healthy juice for pregnant women because it contains a good amount of calcium. One cup of orange juice contains 261 milligrams of calcium, and the pregnant woman needs 1,000 milligrams per day for its health benefits. Calcium is also beneficial for overall bone health, and it is important that the pregnant woman keeps her bones healthy during pregnancy to reduce the risk of knee pain. For these benefits, pregnant women are advised to take calcium-fortified orange juice, which is the right choice for those who suffer from lactose intolerance to meet the daily needs of calcium.

3. Potassium

The pregnant woman needs 4.700 milligrams of potassium a day. It is essential for the health of the heart, regulating body fluids and digestion. It also regulates blood pressure and prevents its height, which is important during pregnancy. High blood pressure increases the risk of pregnancy poisoning by a large percentage. A glass of orange juice offers 375 milligrams of potassium, making it a suitable drink to meet the needs of the pregnant woman. It can also be found in tomatoes, plums, spinach and bananas.

4. Vitamin C

 Orange juice is known to be rich in vitamin C, with a single serving of 62 to 92 milligrams of vitamin A, which is the appropriate option to provide the pregnant woman with daily needs of up to 85 milligrams during pregnancy. It also changes the pregnancy of the body of the woman and changes its immunity against diseases and makes them more susceptible to infection of bacteria and cold, and here comes the role of orange juice and the large amount of vitamin C contained, which strengthens the body of the pregnant and raises immunity. Vitamin C also helps to increase the absorption of iron in pregnant women, which is very important for their need for excess, where the need for iron iron from 18 milligrams to 27 milligrams, because the fetus and placenta needed for proper development, is to prevent premature birth and low birth weight at birth .

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