Benefits and disadvantages of using the phone

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Monday, 10 June 2019

Benefits and disadvantages of using the phone

Benefits and disadvantages of using the phone

Mobile phone

 The mobile phone, or mobile phone, is a wireless communication device that is transmitted through a network of towers that distribute the broadcast in a particular area to reach and exchange calls between people. It is found in various shapes, colors and systems.

Mobile phones have evolved over the years to be able to do their first functions, not only the ability to make calls and exchange messages, but also used in photography, surfing the Internet, e-commerce, and other uses of sophisticated and multiple, and on our subject will explain the benefits and disadvantages of the phone Mobile in our daily lives.

Mobile Phone Benefits

- Create love and social networking, and reassurance of loved ones and relatives through calls or text messages and voice.

- Providing a lot of household needs, if the house is missing something, the mother or family member contact the head of the family to bring this thing.

- Support the person with a lot of information by subscribing to messages that show the dates of meetings, sleep schedules, keeping orders and other useful information.

- Use of messages as a means of understanding when deaf and dumb with other people. Exploit messages to guide friends and family.

- The mobile phone is characterized by its ability to access the world of Internet and shopping online, and surfing the various websites, and manage the bank account itself, and the ability to locate the person on maps, and enjoy watching television programs, movies, books and miscellaneous games.

- Increase communication between workers and employees, and save time and effort in obtaining some information, transactions and needs for work.

- The use of letters in the invitation to weddings and banqueting and many different occasions.

 The impact of smart phones

- Many traffic accidents result from busy talking and communicating with motorists.

- is a serious factor that has great implications in patients and travelers, because of the interference of mobile devices with electronic devices such as precision medical devices, aircraft, and air navigation devices.

- cause damage and negative problems on human health; because the mobile phone produces strong and harmful radiation.

- There is a kind of inconvenience, violation of privacy, and upset the state of calm and tranquility in mosques, and during university lectures, and on various occasions.

- Increase and increase mobile costs and bills on the consumer, because of the fees charged by the operators to make calls and Internet connection and text messages.

- causing addiction and dependence, which affects family cohesion and increase family dispersion, freezing relations, and low level of school students in the educational achievement; because of sitting for long periods on the mobile phone.

The impact of smart phones on drivers

 The use of the smartphone during driving is extremely dangerous; it leads to high traffic accidents, damage to the driver's health, or endangering the lives of passengers or pedestrians. According to the National Safety Council, 27% of car accidents in 2013 were due to cell phone usage, And 6% of incidents are caused by text messages while driving.

Effect of smart phones on the ear

 One of the main risks caused by the excessive use of cellular phones is damage to the eardrum, where a large percentage of ear problems caused by the use of mobile phones were reported for long hours, for example tinnitus

Damage and benefits of using children's mobile phone for children

 There is no suitable age for obtaining a mobile phone. This depends on several factors. Here are the main negative and positive aspects of the use of mobile phones:

Harmful use of mobile phone

- Early use may affect physical and mental health.
- The possibility of encouraging rebellion and cruelty.

- Possibility of promoting non-useful reliance on technology.

- Influence smart phones on children

The incidence of brain cancer, which may result from the use of mobile phones and exposure to radiation, is higher in children than in adults, because their nervous systems are still evolving and are therefore more susceptible to the factors that may cause cancer.

Benefits of using children for mobile phone

- Coordinate schedules and help keep in touch with parents.
- Promoting independence.
-Super when facing problems

Tips for Optimizing Mobile Usage

- Avoid excessive use, especially when sitting with parents and loved ones should be used only for necessity.
-The use of Bluetooth speakers when talking while driving is the same purpose.
- Do not talk for long periods, as this may increase the exposure to radiation and health risks.
Organize mobile use in children and adolescents by their parents while being monitored.

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