The benefits of walking

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Sunday, 26 May 2019

The benefits of walking

The benefits of walking

Walking sport

 Walking is one of the most popular sports for most people of all ages for easy exercise and exercise, as well as many health benefits, both physical and psychological, because walking relieves stress and improves mood Great, and in this article we will learn more about the benefits of walking.

The benefits of walking

- Maintain body agility:

 People who walk daily or regularly are not exposed to obesity or overweight, compared to people who do not walk or exercise in general.

- Prevention of disease from the body:

Especially cancer as breast cancer, colon, along with protect him from exposure to strokes and heart attack, by stimulating blood circulation, reducing the proportion of harmful cholesterol in the body.

-Weight Loss:

Walking is one of the most vital things that overweight people use to reduce, because walking burns calories, burns fat in the body, and facilitates discharge outside the body.

- Prevention of diabetes:

Walking for half an hour a day reduces the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

- Support brain functions:

Walking helps support and improve brain function, as well as greatly enhance memory, according to some scientific studies, which stated that the achievement of previous benefits, is dependent on the exercise of walking forty-five minutes on a daily basis.

- Get rid of the various pressures and tension:

Walking aids in the release of endorphins, which relieve physical and mental stress, contribute to the rapid elimination of tension or anxiety, and contribute to the relaxation of the body.

- Helping to maintain sexual health:

 Especially in men it promotes blood circulation in the body what improves sexual ability.

General tips for exercise

- Exercise in the early morning.

-Avoid exercise and the stomach is full of food, otherwise the person feels nauseous and restless, so you can wait for about two hours, so the stomach can digest food well.

-Try to eat high carbohydrate and starchy foods, such as pasta and protein in chicken meat, before a good period of exercise.

- Drink two liters of water and liquids daily as a natural.

- For pregnant women

 Avoid walking before the eighth month, for fear of getting premature birth or abortion, and can walk from the first week of the eighth month, the rate of ten minutes a day or twice a week, and in the ninth month can walk, for about half an hour with the need to consult a doctor, The pregnant walk has many benefits including:
1 - facilitate birth, and alleviate the pain of labor.

2 - strengthen the heart muscle.

2. Contribute to burning extra calories.

3 - protect them from the incidence of gestational diabetes, or high blood pressure, and thus protect them from the risk of pregnancy poisoning.

4 - reduce the incidence of constipation. Improve the psychological state, especially as anxiety is controlled in the last period of pregnancy, due to fear of birth, especially virgin.

How to exercise correctly

- Wear a sports shoe suitable for walking, it helps to facilitate movement, and reduces the possibility of bone pain after walking, in addition to the comfortable shoe makes the person able to walk longer.

- Wear cotton sports and comfortable, and that makes the person enjoy walking more, it does not impede the circulation of blood affected by narrow clothes, and wearing cotton clothes absorb sweat effectively.

- Warm up by starting slow walking; it helps to stretch muscles, because the rapid start may cause pressure on the muscles causing cramping and pain, so it is advised to increase speed gradually.

- Drink liquids, especially water while walking to compensate for water and salts that the body loses through sweating, so as not to get dry.

- Choosing a clean and healthy place full of trees and nature for walking because it helps to breathe in a healthy and healthy way.

Warnings during walking

 Walking is safe for most people and is generally harmless, but caution must be exercised in order to avoid any injuries or accidents and warnings to be followed during exercise:
- Immediately stop walking when feeling very tired, or difficulty breathing, or turnover

- Walking on sidewalks and pedestrian areas to avoid the danger of vehicles. Drink water continuously and in batches during and after walking.

- Focus on the road and not use the mobile phone except for necessity.

- Avoid walking in the streets during heavy rain to avoid slipping. Wear warm clothing when walking in cold weather; to avoid exposure to disease.

- Stay away from hazardous areas, such as mountain peaks, and avalanches and mountain ranges.

- Do not eat while walking or before him at least half an hour; as this will lead to disruption of digestion, in addition to the speed of fatigue of the body.

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