The benefits of swimming

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Sunday, 26 May 2019

The benefits of swimming

The benefits of swimming

The body depends on the food to get its needs and energy, but food is not the only source of these needs, but needs to be integrated with other things to achieve the highest possible benefit, and sports, for example, one of these needs, where the variety of sports and vary the benefits and methods of exercise, swimming is one The most important of which is the fact that Islam has been urged to practice it, because it is important and beneficial to the body, and it is beneficial to it. It is possible to join sports centers that teach swimming. Therefore, we will present in this article some of the most important benefits of swimming on the body, Sidebar.

The benefits of swimming

- Excess weight loss; swimming burns large amounts of calories, about 800 to 900 calories per hour.

- Strengthens the muscles, in addition to it increases the human ability to endure. Strengthens the muscles of the shoulder and abdomen. It is a useful sport for pregnant women. It relieves joint pain and harassment during pregnancy. A study shows that pregnant women who swim are less likely to have an abortion.

- Muscle weakness increases, and there are many doctors advise women who undergo breast cancer to swim, after consulting with a doctor

- Reduces cholesterol in the blood.

- Reduce the risk of diabetes.

- Strengthens the heart muscle.

- Reducing back pain, used as a useful sport for people with physical disabilities, and low back pain.

- Increase the level of energy in the body, where swimming to get rid of the feeling of stress continuously, and rid the body of tension and anxiety, and achieve relaxation and comfort.

Side effects of swimming

- Causes of skin infections, in addition to eye infections, ear, diarrhea, fever, and the transmission of some diseases such as rash, ringworm, and footstroke.
- The body is exposed to infection of bacteria, and bacteria that come from water, especially if swimming in the sales, or swimming pools, and therefore must use a protective shield before swimming.

Swimming Forms

- Chest Swimming:

The swimmer's chest is touching the surface of the water, making a section of his head out of the water.

- Swimming Back:

 The swimmer practices this type of swimming on his back, and there are many international competitions for him, swimming swimmer 100 meters, or 200 meters, or 50 meters

- Swimming butterfly:

This is by beating the water with the farmers forward, then pushing them together backwards.

-Free Swimming:

-This swim should be the way he wants and preferably swimmer.


- Be careful not to swim after eating because of the risk posed by the stimulation of the flow of blood to the parties and thus low blood level to the digestive system, and indigestion.

Avoid swimming for long hours to avoid muscle strain.

- It is recommended to take heating precautions because of the swimming caused by the change in temperature.
- Swimming leads to an appetite.
Tips for burning more calories while swimming
- Swimming for thirty minutes in the exercise session of two to three times a week, and can be divided into three sections, each section of ten minutes.

- Use of the legs intensively during swimming, and differences in the severity and speed of tours.

- Gradually increase the period to complete the number of more rolls in the pond.

- Try to swim in the cold water gradually to burn more calories.

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