Methods of time regulation

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Saturday, 25 May 2019

Methods of time regulation
Methods of time regulation

Time Management:

 The organization of time is the ability to manage time in a systematic and correct, and one of the reasons for increasing the chances of success as it works to accomplish a lot of work with less effort and time, increasing access to many privileges in various areas, and the organization of time feel social and psychological stability, This article will show you how to organize time.

Methods of time regulation

- Setting a daily plan

By writing a daily plan of what you will start doing from morning until the end of the day, the importance of this plan is that it will give you a glimpse of how your day will be.

 -Set a time-out for each task

 The time required to complete the tasks identified should be clarified, while ensuring that they are completed on time.


 You should reward yourself for any accomplishment you do to the fullest, in order to motivate yourself to adhere to the rest of the daily plan.

- Use personal calendar

Personal Calendar is used to track everyday activities that can be recorded on a notebook, on a mobile phone, or on e-mail, which regulates time.

- Record a long list of targets

 The importance of registering a long list of goals is that it helps with entrepreneurship, and daily plans.

- Set a deadline for the tasks

It is important to set a final time to do the work to show when the task to be done must be done in an organized and orderly manner.

- Serious in the performance of duties

The time should be determined to say no, to avoid any disruption to the daily plan that is put in the morning, because temptations can be encountered to prevent the carrying out of important activities on time.

- There is an hour near you all the time

Be careful to have an hour before doing any task, because it is possible to be busy or forget the time, the presence of an hour helps to know the time.

- the focus

For example, all social networks are closed in order to focus while doing tasks.

- Avoid attention to small details that are not important

 When doing any task you must ignore any unimportant detail so as not to weaken the enthusiasm, and to continue to do other tasks.

-Setting priorities

 It is not the ability of one to carry out all tasks. Priority tasks must be defined, with importance to be done, and a schedule of tasks and activities that you intend to undertake within a given period, for example within a week, should be classified as important, urgent, important or not important.

- The dilution of delusions that cause loss of time

Browsing social networking sites is a waste of time, and time can be determined to keep track of things.

Tips for time management

- Be sure to leave time between each task, and by leaving a break about ten minutes for the preparation to do the next task.

- Determine when the individual is more productive either in the morning or evening.

- Determine the time for study in case he is a student in order to do homework.

- Be sure to get adequate rest about eight hours, even if not completed all the tasks postponed for the next day.

- Identify an alternate person's delegate to do some difficult things to do, in order to focus on other tasks.

- Conduct similar activities together and arrange tasks for simultaneous execution.

- Put the alarm clock on the mobile phone before the time of the task expires by a quarter of an hour.

- Determine when to do activities such as exercise, reading books, or completing any favorite hobby.

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