How to keep your body from getting fat

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Wednesday, 22 May 2019

How to keep your body from getting fat

How to keep your body from getting fat


Obesity is the accumulation of a large amount of fatty tissue within the body. Obesity can be determined simply by calculating the body mass index that depends on height and weight. If the body mass index is more than 30, the person is considered obese. If the BMI is between 25 And 29.9 it suffers from overweight,
In this article we will show the damage caused by obesity, the causes of infection, and tips to get rid of obesity

Despite the variety of available diets aimed at weight loss, there is a need to create basic rules by which we can enable the body to get what it needs from basic foods, while stopping the continuous weight gain. The main idea in most diet types is mainly these two principles The first is to reduce the amount of calories consumed on a daily basis, and the second principle is to exercise physical activities that eliminate the fat and calories above the need of the body, and we will mention a set of basic tips that help maintain the fitness and vitality of the body permanent.

Obesity is a real disease:

 It is necessary to take preventive action in the event of a high probability of obesity and rapid treatment in the event of suffering and do not mean quickly that the procedure is a quick result, but that we take our step and direct it correctly and quickly, obesity is a real case of illness with many disadvantages and produces a lot of symptoms As it leads eventually to serious and serious diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure and obesity makes the individual more vulnerable to cases of arthritis and other diseases.

Healthy diet:

 The adoption of a healthy diet is one of the main steps that put an end to the problem of obesity. The main cause of obesity is usually caused by the consumption of relatively large quantities of unhealthy foods, and to maintain a body is recommended to develop a diet rich in the main nutrients needed by the body, which is Empty or poor substances that cause weight gain.

Stay away from alcohol and soft drinks:

Alcohol and soft drinks contain high levels of fat and a high proportion of sugars, causing rapid weight gain, so you should avoid these drinks and add low calorie natural juices instead.

Getting rid of temptations:

Fast food and unhealthy foods at the same place are more likely to be eaten, so it is advisable to get rid of tempting, unhealthy meals, such as calorie, sugar and salt-rich meals, or to store them in places far out of reach. Minimize their purchase essentially, or prevent it altogether.

Drink plenty of water:

Drinking water is generally good advice, helping to feel full, relieving the desire to consume more food. Doctors often recommend consuming 6-8 liters daily to maintain fluid balance in the body.

Avoid what arouses appetite:

Try not to make your favorite foods as you consume more than you consume calories and fat.

Other Tips To Avoid Obesity:

- Use small sized dishes, instead of large dishes, some behavioral research has shown that large dishes encourage eating more food.

- Avoid eating while watching TV, some may eat a lot of snacks while watching television, which may lead to obesity in the long term.

- Prepare the preferred dish in a healthier way, for example, instead of preparing pasta and meat using ordinary pasta, can be used pasta made of whole wheat.

- Helps to drink plenty of water to feel fullness and fullness.

- Focus on eating vegetables, nuts, and whole grains.

 - Exercise moderately, for at least thirty minutes a day.

- Reduce the intake of fatty and sugary foods.

- Use vegetable oils instead of animal fats.

- Obtain sufficient sleep, so that lack of sleep from exposure to health problems, including obesity.

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