Healthy sleep

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Saturday, 18 May 2019

Healthy sleep

Healthy sleep


 The person needs a sufficient number of hours of sleep to relax his body and brain and nerves, as the need for the body to sleep vary from one age to another, and sometimes vary from person to person of the same age, to wake up vigorously and revitalized.

Number of healthy sleep hours by age:

 The number of healthy sleep hours for each age range from newborns to adults is as follows:  Newborns need 18 hours of sleep a day in the first month of their lives, and then the number begins to decline; it takes about 16 hours after the first month 13 hours after the first year. At five years of age, the number of healthy sleeping hours for a child is reduced to 11 hours a day,
It can be divided into an hour and a half during the day and what remains during the night. When a person reaches adolescence, he or she needs to sleep 9 hours a day. Adult sleep hours are from 7 to 8 hours a day, but this number has been seen by many researchers and doctors as inaccurate. There are adults who need 10 hours of sleep per day while others can only have 7 hours a day. Studies have shown that this is due to the gene structure in humans. Some people can not sleep continuously during the night and compensate for the rest of their needs during the day.

Problems related to insomnia:

 Insomnia and lack of sleep are a health problem that is not simple. It does not take enough sleep to be exposed to many problems during the day, especially exhaustion, and inability to do any activity, no matter how small. Insomnia also causes: feeling sleepy all day long. Irritability and nervousness of the most trivial reasons. The appearance of signs of fatigue on the skin and day after day the face will become pale and there are no signs of freshness.
The appearance of black halos under the eyes. Type of depression. Weak focus and inability to think properly. Weight gain, where a person has to eat large amounts of food during the day, due to lack of hours of sleep.

 To avoid these problems:

 you must refrain from drinking beverages containing caffeine, and drinks are not limited to tea and coffee, but there are hot cocoa as well as Nescafe, and should stay away from eating heavy meals late at night, and if these methods do not find useful to consult the doctor and The lack of sleep can be linked to a particular disease, so the person must make sure that he or she is free of any diseases. 

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