Damage to sleep

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Monday, 20 May 2019

Damage to sleep

Damage to sleep

There is no hidden benefit of a person who is able to sleep properly with the appropriate number of hours, as it helps to feel the attention and rest, and also to the importance of health and beauty and mental health. Sleep also helps to increase the body's energy stores, renew cells and tissues of the body, it is also important for the nervous system, helps to activate memory, etc.

 Definition of vigilance:

Nightingale is a term for delaying bedtime to late hours of the night, and therefore to make the day for living and work and spend the needs, and the night to sleep and rest. But modern lifestyles, globalization and the spread of technology in a wide sector and cheap prices have led to the disruption of this system, so we go back to the late hours of the night and make up for their place in the daytime.

What are the reasons for vigilance?

 - Travel
- Summer vacations
- Simulate people and imitate friends
- Sleep in the day very much
- Business objectives
- TV monitoring
- Sit online
 - Family events
- Health problems
- Family problems
- Leisure

Why watch out?

• May be a reflection of the physiological reasons caused by failure to release the hormone melatonin, which directly affects the process of sleep.

• It may also be an escape from the reality we live, or coverage of certain problems: such as there are problems in work, study, marriage, etc. And translate this reality and those problems escape from them, such as spend hours before the television or computer

• It may also be an expression of psychological disorder that needs treatment and follow-up such as anxiety, depression or stress.
• Socialization also plays an important and important role in the matter of vigilance, since the child did not raise the sense of the importance of time in his life.

 • And pointing fingers to the media in all its forms, which was issued to us television channels and radio stations working throughout the day do not tire and do not tire!

• Some have pointed out that vigilance indicates a lack of religious belief, as those who keep away from the commandments of prayer and peace regarding the body and the importance of sleep.
Hence, the number of hours of sleep or sleep has been harmful and risks to humans, as the delay of health and psychological damage and social:

Health Damage to the Month:

 1 - Not taking enough sleep leads to the emergence of symptoms, including: fatigue, anxiety, nervous tension, weakness of concentration, the speed of anger, and some skin problems, such as bulls, etc.

 2 - The lack of sleep causes an imbalance in the immune system, as the immune system gets confused when there is a difference in the daily cycle of hours of vigilance and sleep hours.

3 - that the sleep leads to distortions of the consequences of the result of sitting for long periods in front of television, for example, it affects the skeleton bone abnormalities, and bending in the spine

4 - lead to blackness under the eyes

5 - affects the heart (for men)
6. Lead to breast cancer (for women)
7 - The sleeplessness leads to insomnia, the sleeplessness of many nights diminished the strength of the person and the cessation of the mind from production and dominated the pessimistic pessimism and the tendency of unity.

8 - A recent American study revealed that sleep increases the level of hunger hormone and reduces the level of satiety hormone in the body.

Some tips that may help to sleep early:

 - Do not perform severe stress, whether mental or physical before bed
- Counting stimulants in the evening, including excessive smoking
- Do a light sport like walking
 - To create a quiet place suitable for sleep and preferably to be stable
Avoid heavy meals before sleeping
- Take a warm bath before the immortality of sleep
- Try at sleep to eliminate your mind from the thoughts of anxiety and tension and negative emotions and memories painful, and reading some entertaining books.
 - Turn off the light of the room Dark helps sleep
- Approaching God to pray and perform duties

And herbs and foods that help to sleep:

• Lettuce
 • Turkey meat
• Anise
• The black bean
• Apricots
• Chamomile
• Peppermint emulsion also helps to calm the nerves
• Celery juice
 • Eat almonds struggling insomnia

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